Saturday, October 31, 2009

start application before user logon

Start application before user logon

    If you want to run an application during start up in windows xp or windows nt. you can run the application as windows services. usually we make the application to run automatically during windows start up. ie os booting. if we make the application as windows services application then the services run in the background as windows services. Other way to run the application automaticaly during login as to place the application in the start up folder.

Start application before user login by placing the the application in start-up folder.

    By the placing the application in startup folder we can make the application to run automatically when we login the system.for that goto C:\Documents and Settings\username\Start Menu\Programs\startup.  where username is the login name of the system. Drawback of this method is that the application cannot start when the user login on another login and the application starts after all the OS process starts. actualy the application
starts after login but it starts automaticaly after the login we not not start the application manually.

Start the applicatoin before by making the application as windows service.

    if we make the application as windows service application then the application starts during boot up automatically. It runs as the one of the services. Here you need not run the application manually. also the application starts automaticaly as one of the OS services..

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